Friday, May 16, 2008


If ever I've seen the handiwork of the Lord
it is evidenced in the tulip.
Before the flower; the bulb.
Encased in the teardropped womb,
living grace and singular beauty will enfold.
The bud is etched with design and color
before the bloom is exposed, one realizes
that beauty calls to beauty.
As if the manifold wisdom of God is etched into
every strand of His creation.
He doesn't shine because the 'greatest' thing,
has been discovered. All things created by Him
are great and waiting for discovery.
How then shall we live?
What do we need of material things when before us
is arrayed the curious, the wonderful, the soul-satisfying
depths of seeking our Beloved.
In His creation, in His unending mercy, in His great power,
and in His sacrifice we have great riches.

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