Saturday, April 22, 2006

He Is Risen Indeed

This past Easter, everywhere, where Christians gather, a celebration occured.
Prayers abounded, folks who only go once a year, went.
May we celebrate each and every day the rest of this year in such a fashion.
As our Pastor stated, the Meshiach presented His answer to a very profound question, 'what does a God do who is perfect love and who is perfectly just?'.
The perfect, most complete and whole answer, is that which we celebrated last Sunday, the Resurrection.

And how we love your perfect Sacrifice, oh Lord,
for now we rest, and have our peace
and seek your face, free from guilt and shame,
and how we love your perfect Love, anointed One,
and how our hearts beat your name.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Spring is here, I have a new job, the job is w/a start-up company and there are buds on the trees, singing birds ...
It's not that newness springs up out of nothing, as the roots have been growing and getting nourishment all winter.
My heart's winter is also passing by. The deepness of my love for my Lord has been growing because I have been trusting.
Trusting during the dark times. Trusting and hoping against hopelessness and despair has created new pathways for roots that dig deep into the catacombs of those who held on and found a way through.
It might seem trivial to some, to struggle with the inability to take care of yourself, indeed, it slips into a battle between life and death.
However, the life and the death that is truly important, I have found, is the life I find in Christ and the death I seek wholeheartedly is that one that is found at the cross of my Crucified Lord.
This is the big ring, this is where the killer blows bang out the flesh of my worldly soul and leaves my Spiritman triumphant.
This struggle between taking care of myself and to trust in the One who feeds the sparrows of the field is about pride. Simple, and sinful, pride.
I am broken, but my soul rests.
And it is spring!