Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saving Grace

Little is the word that comes to mind
when i think of my own understanding

of your Greatness,

a little here, a little there,
as it has been written, 'we know in part'

but then!

We shall see face to Face, all of your Mercy
and all of your Grace!

For now, the little, the part, the shadow, the tinge, the hue
the threads that speak of You,

are enough to make my heart explode, my praise to rise up like
bubbles of joy in a spring unleashed from miles of prison rock,
piles upon piles of shame, sin and unjust deeds gone insane.

Holy Truth! You are my desire, my hope for living in the Light.
Holy Word, speak now to who I am, for you have become my delight,

I now know that which I sought to unleash the pain, through anger
or material gain or salve of drug or alcohol,
only pushed the truth away. Let me stay, let me stand, let me pray.

Holy One. You alone are worthy of my Praise.

Thank you.

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Believing is not seeing, believing is living
breathing, catching the wind of the Spirit
and holding on for dear life.

Believing is trusting. Trusting that the One
who holds you aloft will not let you fall.

Trusting is loving. Loving His every Word.
He is the Word. Imagine that.

Loving is believing. Loving is trusting.
Loving is never being alone, having your best friend
at the flick of a humble heart.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just to say I trust You
Just to mention how much I love You
Is all I can do.

You are worthy of all my praise,
my heart wants to know nothing more
than You.

Bless the Lord, O my soul!

Saturday, August 07, 2010


Oh the manifold wisdom and billows of love
Filling the universe more than full, overflowing
Measurement of grace and truth
The hem of your garment
Earth….. your footstool!

Stretched but limitless in depth and mercy
Oh, your mercy!

(falls on the ground and feels the earth give way
Flying through the heavens, into Love’s mysteries
Unfolding, simply, just to say, I love you!)

Manifold Love, Breath of Life
Burrowed into Your presence
Je te’ Adore
Resting, releasing,
Lord of Shavuot

Holy, holy, holy
Is the Lord!

Seraphim rejoicing, calling out
To come
to the Wedding
Relationship with the Son.

Married to His power
Overwhelmed once again,
Amazed beyond understanding
Grace has covered sin.

Grace has covered sin!
Freedom, O taste and see
That the Lord is Good
Let Mercy cover me.

Manifold, beyond the dimension
Of my sight, you are the
Joy that shines in darkened night

You reign in heavens place
And fill the humbled earth
With your Mercy
And Your Grace!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Why oh Why

Why oh Why do I moan
from day to day?
Is it too much to ask
that a joy remain, to stay?

I know you love me, Father
you are true,
why do I still hesitate
to trust in You?

Why oh Why does my heart
skip Your beat
and seek to find my own
why oh why do I moan?

(I'm moaning now)

Moses moaned, I am not he
I have seen the Christ,
alive in me
oh, set me free!

Release Your Promise
the nectar of Your Presence
the comfort of Your Spirit
My Portion! Let me see!

Oh sweet Saviour, it is You
My heart's desire, sweet
and full of Grace and Truth
ah, it is Your heartbeat.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

hope looks like...

what does hope look like?

waves of joy
that carry me swiftly to a destination
that I could not have imagined.
not in a million, zillion years.

tears of joy
at the thought that once the tears
were spent on broken hearted sobs
that spewed from deep within, a pain
I never could have imagined
not in a million, zillion years.

my hope is in you, Lord
and I know you will never leave me
or forsake me
through the joy, the pain and
not in a million, zillion years.