Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's Snowing

Snow covers everything. Fields that were brown and full of weeds yesterday are covered over. When the sun comes out the snow will glisten, and sparkle like a field of diamonds.
How do I see myself when I confess my sins and am forgiven?
The Bible says my sins are covered and they are white as snow, that means the snow becomes the metaphor for my sins. I often make the mistake that the covering of the snow is all I have to claim. That somehow my sins are covered, just like the little weeds that show themselves as little lumps under the snow. My sins don't actually seem to go away.
But the Bible says they are snow.....
Every now and then I really get it. That in Christ, I am pure.
And it impacts how I see others. They are forgiven as well.
And I can truly rest in Him.
Peace. Selah

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