Saturday, March 19, 2011

Clouds of Witness

Oh cumulus beauty towering in the firmament above
whitened beyond earths' comprehension

Sanctification stands before me
in my unwashed and drunken state

Oh, Witnesses of His Glory!
How is it that you are revealed to me now?

Broken and ashamed, your faithfulness
contrasts my weakness

by the infinite measure of love
cast aside for the paltry and despicable

believing a lie, that Hope had washed ashore
after the wreckage of my dreams
the dog returned.

Oh Cloud of Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
who faithfully gave it all,
how beautiful you are.

Saints in the Halls of Heaven, not statues
of marbled stone, cold and shaped by man,
but hearts of fire, fueled by the Love of Him
who gave His Life freely,
the Rocks, the Church, His Bride.

My vision, my souls answer in it's inevitable search
for Beauty and Purpose, you stand before me

and I say yes, I want to join you, I want to be one
who stands for Him.

I know I am not worthy and I know I do not deserve this
call to Grace, but I am desperate for Him
and will do whatever it takes

to be called His friend and yours.

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