Sunday, December 19, 2010

Saving Grace

Little is the word that comes to mind
when i think of my own understanding

of your Greatness,

a little here, a little there,
as it has been written, 'we know in part'

but then!

We shall see face to Face, all of your Mercy
and all of your Grace!

For now, the little, the part, the shadow, the tinge, the hue
the threads that speak of You,

are enough to make my heart explode, my praise to rise up like
bubbles of joy in a spring unleashed from miles of prison rock,
piles upon piles of shame, sin and unjust deeds gone insane.

Holy Truth! You are my desire, my hope for living in the Light.
Holy Word, speak now to who I am, for you have become my delight,

I now know that which I sought to unleash the pain, through anger
or material gain or salve of drug or alcohol,
only pushed the truth away. Let me stay, let me stand, let me pray.

Holy One. You alone are worthy of my Praise.

Thank you.

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