Wednesday, December 26, 2007

White Christmas

Just another Christmas, but in Colorado, the snowfall was the highest ever recorded on Christmas day. It was wonderful. Like living in a snow globe. Looking outside the window the white fluffy flakes fell continuously throughout the day.

Candles and Christmas tree lights created a Ritz-Carlton ambiance at the dinner table.

It felt like Sunday, I suppose because the day focused my attention on the ‘reason for the season’, Jesus Christ. The one who came to save.

If ever a person needed saving, it is me. I am awash in error. But like the new fallen snow outside, the promise of forgiveness covers my iniquity.

‘Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.’

A Christmas like no other. No more acting out a role, like an independent child home for the holidays, only to flit away before the New Year. No more Mom the wonder-woman. No more working hard to be accepted.

I’ve fallen short, yet, this is the time to reflect on what has been given to me. Why would I deserve blessings?

Grace and grace.

Grace is the answer for the season. Grace speaks at Christmas. The Santa naughty and nice routine speaks of grace. Because we all know that the naughty side of the ledger exceeds the nice, yet we all receive blessings.

The blessing of family and friends, the blessings of freedom to worship our Lord and King.

Deep, white snow…forgiveness…grace. Truly a white Christmas for us all.

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