Tuesday, November 01, 2005

1 November

OH MY! No work, nothing on the horizon....but I am trusting in the One who said to 'seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.'
Ok...but how do I know I am seeking first the 'kingdom' and what is the 'kingdom'?

Fine, well, the kingdom seems to be the realm of the King. And this usually brings me to the notion of a parallel universe. I have a choice. To look for the reality wherein exists the tree of life universe, and live there, or keep my eyes on the world that I see with my own eyes.

What does this kingdom look like? Right now, I can see the tree. During this autumn season, it's easy to imagine what the tree of life looks like, on fire, shimmering, beautiful, enchanting.

I keep looking, and I see my Lord, who I imagine with scars on His beautiful face, where they pulled his beard out and He was mashed into nothingness, for me, thank Him very much.

This is the righteousness that goes along with the realm of the King. The place where justice was met. My sin, your sin. Okay, I don't have to spend the day worrying about making things right. He already took care of that.

Anyway, I am a servant in this kingdom. I mean, I was purchased by this King of Kings, with His blood. So, I can't just go out and do my own thing. I am grateful. Full of thanksgiving.

And I look around and it looks pretty clear. How can I serve? How can I love? How can I bring Him glory?

I will do my best to serve you, Lord. I am so thankful! I don't have anything to hope in except you, and I pray for those who read this, that they might be blessed and encouraged, as well.

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